Lord of the Flies

I will be answering how does Lord of the Flies relate to middle school, and how do we keep our “civilized“ self in control. I think this story relates a lot to middle school, because there are leaders in this book and leaders in the story. Also how the boys in the book split up is the same thing that middle school students do in real situations. The main parallel I see between the boys and middle school is the fights they have with each other. I can see how living with someone on an island would make you get irritated with someone, but to go as far as try to kill them, like how the hurters kill Simon on page (152), is taking it a little too far. With all the similarities between the two, I really feel that middle school is a couple notches down form being as savage as the boys in the book.

 I would like to think that we can keep are savage self in control but being on an island with no rules might be the breaking point of are control. I think to keep are civilized self in control we need to have a set of rules to keep us in line. With no ground rules are savage self is set free and that could very dangerous to people around you. I think if the boys had some sort of rules about the way they conducted themselves the book would have been a lot different. I think Golding was trying to send a massage that no matter were you were raised you all ways have that savage self in side of you. If the human mind can learn to control the savage self the world would be a better place for everyone.      


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