The first goal for me would be to edit more before I turn my work,secondly I would like to talk less in class and let other people get a chance to speak, lastly I like to fallow directions better so I fully understand how to do the assignment.One more thing that would help me would to slow down when I'm doing my work, and get my thoughts out completely rather than just quickly writing down what I think.I personally think that I'm doing very well in school so far, and I hope to keep it up for the rest of the year. 
The Dickens Project has been my favorite project so far. Our assignment was to make a movie about the plot of the Christmas Carol. One thing I learned was how to work with a group on a big project. We share our ideas with each other and then we would make a group decision. I also learned how the editing of a movie is one of the bigger parts of the movie making process. The only difficulty we had with making the movie was the editing. We used a lot of the time we had on the editing. Other than that, the rest of the project was easy. If we had a problem with anything we would figure out pretty quickly and usallymake the right decision. It was easy to follow the scrip but getting into character was some times challenging. If I were to do one thing different, I would study the lines and manage our time a little better. 

 The in came assignment was for us to take a passage out of Christmas Carol and rewrite it to make our own version of the passage. I learned that Charles Dickens was paid by the word so he was very descriptive in his writing. I found that hardest part was to make my passage to flow and make scene. I thought the part did well on was picking a topic for the passage.                                          

                                                                                                        In Came

In came the sports writer with his notes, and went to press box, and made a harmony of it, and sounded like 1000 stampeding through the forest. In came Mike Singelatry, with a mind full of desire to win. In came four linebackers, sweaty and scary. In came three defense linemen, fat and satisfied will their lunch. In came practice dummies that could take one for the team. In came quarterback, with his protection the offensive line. In came the running back, with his hammer, the full back. In came the owner from far away land, who was suspected to not have paid his taxes; trying to hiding behind the sports announcer, who was well know around the world. In they all came, one after another, some eagerly, some smoothly, some quietly, some quickly, some running, some walking; in they all came, anyhow and everyhow. 

Lord of the Flies

I will be answering how does Lord of the Flies relate to middle school, and how do we keep our “civilized“ self in control. I think this story relates a lot to middle school, because there are leaders in this book and leaders in the story. Also how the boys in the book split up is the same thing that middle school students do in real situations. The main parallel I see between the boys and middle school is the fights they have with each other. I can see how living with someone on an island would make you get irritated with someone, but to go as far as try to kill them, like how the hurters kill Simon on page (152), is taking it a little too far. With all the similarities between the two, I really feel that middle school is a couple notches down form being as savage as the boys in the book.

 I would like to think that we can keep are savage self in control but being on an island with no rules might be the breaking point of are control. I think to keep are civilized self in control we need to have a set of rules to keep us in line. With no ground rules are savage self is set free and that could very dangerous to people around you. I think if the boys had some sort of rules about the way they conducted themselves the book would have been a lot different. I think Golding was trying to send a massage that no matter were you were raised you all ways have that savage self in side of you. If the human mind can learn to control the savage self the world would be a better place for everyone.      



By Vincent Lopez

The Rules of Golf are written down for you

And published by the great U. S. G. A.

They set the tone for everything you do

In golf (as life), from etiquette to play.

But something happens almost suddenly

No sooner than the round of golf’s begun

When amateurs ascend the day’s first tee

They offer up a gift: the mulligan.

From there the match descends into a bout

Of rulings on which rules should be ignored.

A principled democracy of doubt--

As long as three of four are in accord.

            So ’til your game is hovering near par,

     The rules are what the players say they are.

We did Glogsters at the beginning of the year on our favorite poems that we wrote. I really liked this project because it lets you show people your poem you wrote with pictures and cool designs rather than just text.   
8th grade is... 
I think being in the eighth grade is going to be like a game of baseball. Your first day of school is similar to your first at bat of the game. You don't know what to expect from the pitcher, much like you don't know what to expect from English teacher. You have feelings of nervousness and butterflies as you await the first pitch.

Then you get a base hit and you're excited. You make an impression on the team.

Hitting a double is the same feeling people get when it's the middle of the year and they're just starting to think about reaching the end of the year or  home plate.

When you get to third base is when things get really exciting. All the fans are rooting for you to finish strong and score the winning run. It's like your final exam in History when it counts for more than half your grade.

When you finally reach home plate, you have this feeling of relief and accomplishment. You finally made it the end.

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