8th grade is... 
I think being in the eighth grade is going to be like a game of baseball. Your first day of school is similar to your first at bat of the game. You don't know what to expect from the pitcher, much like you don't know what to expect from English teacher. You have feelings of nervousness and butterflies as you await the first pitch.

Then you get a base hit and you're excited. You make an impression on the team.

Hitting a double is the same feeling people get when it's the middle of the year and they're just starting to think about reaching the end of the year or  home plate.

When you get to third base is when things get really exciting. All the fans are rooting for you to finish strong and score the winning run. It's like your final exam in History when it counts for more than half your grade.

When you finally reach home plate, you have this feeling of relief and accomplishment. You finally made it the end.


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